• The Prestwick Companies - Commercial Real Estate Experience

    The Prestwick Companies is a family of brands that not only serves its customers but its employees and the surrounding community. Across three companies and over 200 employees, we value a family environment within the organization and are motivated by a common set of values – all while working with a greater sense of purpose. We encourage all our employees to treat one another as people first and employees second. We recognize that small, daily actions can make a great impact on those around us.

    Location: Judson & Associates, S.C.

    Size: Numerous land and building acquisitions and/or leasing

    The Prestwick Group has utilized Mark Gorski's professional services numerous times.  Prestwick purchased a 60,000 square foot building in Sussex, WI and has since leased various other locations to accomodate there rapid growth.   In 2020 Prestwick made there most recent purchase of some additional land to expand there current headquarters.